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This is what we believe in :

The way we learn should consist more of practical approach rather than theoretical approach. In life also the lessons which remain throughout life are the ones which have actually happened with us.

We help students to think in a different dimension, basically to think for themselves which Indian Students rarely do. We help students to find their passion and build a career out of it. At the end of the students have to choose between making knowledge their asset or their liability. Decision lies in their hands.


Top business education doesn't have to be expensive

Why should we spend ten thousands of rupees on such fundamental and transformational education?


Education needs to be Flexible and Convenient

It should adapt to one's daily routine but not the other way around. Why should you have to leave your job or put your life on pause for two years?


You should be learning from those who've been there, remembering that

Experience beats theory every time. Therefore, the teachers have real-world, tangible experience rather than just cumulative hours or time in front of a chalkboard?


Education needs to be efficient

Is it really necessary to spend most of the time in a classroom? Its scientifically proven that your brain disconnects after a certain point.So, why not learn in small sessions?


Education needs to be up to date

The functioning of business has changed a lot in the last 10 years compared to 40 years.Everything you had studied in your degree or MBA still applicable today?


Business education doesn't have to be regulated

An official certification doesn't always mean quality rather following an inflexible system, traditionally slow at adapting to our digital world.


Knowing how to put theory into practice is what sets you apart

What's the point of accumulating theoretical ideas for hours together without even knowing how to apply them and plan an action step for it?


What you learn; should be Implemented

What is the point of accumulating knowledge when you're not even using it? If you don't implement your acquired knowledge,you will not retain good results.

How We Work