About Padhhigh

Padhhigh is an educational platform where we provide videos which goes hand-in-hand with the curriculum of the school. The founders of padhhigh are pass outs from IIT and NIT. This initiative was taken to improve the education of the children, right now education has only become business and the companies are just trying to take out money from parents. The motive of education in the first place was to develop the skills of the children,but sir is that happening ? Lets take example of school :- In every class there are 3 types of students :- Topper , Average and Back benchers. Now when the teacher is explaining a new concept she will ask the toppers if they understood the topic they will say yes but what about other students? Who is going to take care of them ? It's not teachers fault , its just that in the class there are 40 students and she has 45 mins to teach she cant possibly ask every student did you understand or not. That is why we are providing personalized learning where they sit one on one and watch the videos and ask out their doubts either on our website or to the mentor which we will be providing them. Mentor is there so that he/she can motivate the children to keep studying. In schools pta’s are conducted once every 3 months and the teacher sums up the performance of the child for 3 months in just 1 min. We never come to know where exactly a child is making mistakes. The Mentor stays in touch with student and parent by giving a call every 15 days to discuss the problems of the child. At the end of the month the mentor takes the test of student to see how much child has learnt in that particular month and shares the monthly progress and tells in which topic child has to improve. The student who are enrolled with us like watching the videos as it is in animated form and this grabs their attention. The videos are short as well. Now why were teaching the kids in visualized form because you remember the movie which you have seen 1 month back but dont remember the book which you read a month back. Yes at one point of time classroom learning was good, but now times have changed you dont use the same car which you used to 20 years back , you dont use the same mobile phone which you used to 10 years back, but the way we have been learning is 70 years old, dont you think there should be a change in that. Now we are in technological advancement era , so its better we move along with technology and make children familiar with it from before so that in future they face such challenges it will not be new for them. The biggest mistake which happens is children are not curious to learn, they learn because they are told to. The current education does not ask you to be curious. Sir tell me one thing you must have taught your child “Ring a Ring a Rosies” but do you or the child know what is the meaning of that poem. Firstly we create curiosity in the child and this in turn develops their interest towards their studies. Our aim is to reach as many students as possible and help improve their education. That is why the cost of your product is also less, we do not believe in empting the pocket of the parents but in providing quality education.